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Birthdate:May 17
Location:United States of America

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Benton Fraser, RCMP, first went to Chicago on the trail of the killers of his father; for reasons that don't need exploring at any junction, he stayed as liaison to the Canadian consulate. Partnered with a streetwise American detective, Fraser solves crimes, puts things in his mouth that have no business being there, argues with his deaf wolf and upholds truth, justice and the Canadian way.

[personal profile] chaya, meanwhile, sits around and eats bagels.


"Face it; if crime did not pay, there would be very few criminals." -Laughton Lewis Burdock

"And if there were a God, I think it very unlikely that He would have such an uneasy vanity as to be offended by those who doubt His existence." -Bertrand Russell

"Last time I was at Comicon, there were like 5,000 people there, and the audience was going to try and cut me off with stuff to sign. They had to figure out how to get me off the stage. All of a sudden, I'm getting to the end of the conversation. ... we're ready to leave the stage. I look up and they have a bodyguard line of 30 Klingons. They're six-foot six and four-feet wide and they have the foreheads and they had linked arms. We were being lead off behind a human wall — a Klingon wall — of Klingon warriors. And I thought, how good does it get?" -Neil Gaiman

"In other news, the director of the FBI left his CAR KEYS in his CAR with the DOORS UNLOCKED and the ENGINE RUNNING on the BAD SIDE OF TOWN for TEN HOURS only to discover that a SOPHISTICATED CAR THIEF had used SOPHISTICATED "GETTING IN AND DRIVING OFF" TECHNOLOGY to STEAL IT. A SOPHISTICATED STICKER ON THE CAR WINDOW STATING "PLEASE DON'T STEAL THIS CAR" WAS SOMEHOW SUBVERTED. "This is an eye-opener for all of us," says one FBI official." -James Grant, re:

"We even copied the way the Americans walked, though Father Leonard didn't like that bit of admiration. He disapproved of rolling buttocks." -Tom Baker

"Dostoevsky described hell as being perhaps nothing more than a room with a chair in it. This room has several chairs." -Withail & I screenplay

"If hard work were such a wonderful thing, surely the rich would have kept it all to themselves." -Lane Kirkland, US union leader

"When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realised God doesn’t work that way, so I stole one and prayed for forgiveness." - Emo Philips

"Frank, I'll give you three seconds to stop licking my face."
"...count slow." -MST3K


Journal: Most of this is friends-only and filtered to boot.

Friending: I always add people back, except when I don't. You don't have to leave a message to add me, much less get permission. It's a free interweb.

Interests (145):

*baby raptor*, a clockwork orange, abandoned buildings, abnormal psychology, accents, antiques, art deco, art nouveau, bagels, battlestar galactica, benton fraser, berlin, björk, burn annie, cake or death, callum keith rennie, canada, cheyenne, chicken shwarmas, comic books, comics, constable benton fraser, czech, daleks smack talking cybermen, deadwood, diet coke, doctor who, drop bears, dropkick murphys, dublin, due south, dyed hair, eddie izzard, elfquest, english, fiction, fight club, firefly, flem comics, flimsy moral standards, florentines, food, gay cowboys eating pudding, gay subtext, german, germany, giles, gir, glottal stops, goth, grant jansky, h-b woodlawn, his helmet turned blue, homoerotic subtext, house md, icons, idle death threats, inside jokes, invader zim, ireland, it could be lupus, jamie mccrimmon, jayne cobb, jeeves & wooster, jhonen vasquez, jon stewart, jooster, jthm, jude law, knitting, knives, knuckle cracking, kurt wagner, languages, libraries, life on mars, literature, london, modern technology, monkeys, montreal, monty python, mother of london, muffins, music, mutants, nadsat, neil gaiman, neuropsychology, never mind the buzzcocks, new jill swing, nextwave, nick cave, nightcrawler, philosophy, photography, plotting, politics, polyglots, psychology, pterodactyls, punk, qi, radiohead, rain, raxacoricofallapatorius, reading, redheads, rfc 1149-compliance, role-playing, roleplaying, rpgs, scheming, serenity, serial commas, sex pistols, sherry monocles, sid vicious, skywise, slash, sleep, stargate atlantis, stephen fry, subtext, the ballad of jayne, the clash, the daily show, the oxford comma, the tardis, tig, tony of plymouth, turtleducks, twins, twisp & catsby, ultimate chocolate milk, urban decay, valets, video games, violent displays of affection, warren ellis, washington dc, withnail & i, writing, x-men, you're my forever girl
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